SFPD: Santa's Reindeer "Not Street Legal"

I was so caught up with how rad Santa's sleigh was that I completely forgot that the Scrooges at Mission Station would find something objectionable about it.  Palmier fills us in:

We were in that weird haunted Chapel joint and saw dude get pulled over by SFPD…

After asking Santa if “he had plates,” the officer was pretty hilarious and let him go… but he had to walk his sleigh home.

Merry Christmas!


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Thanks, SFPD, I feel safer already……..


Hahaha - amazing! My man @tenderbuttons captured the moment perfectly.

Wait,there are 2 bands named tenderbuttons in SF?

I am sure I would have blew a 2.0% or higher if he wanted to check. He even let me take my sleigh home.


why haven’t the sfbc types at sf.streetsblog been screaming about this creep being in a bike lane?

Santa Claus, killed in Vietnam.

Under all that bullshit its just a Safeway shopping cart. And it always will be. Go SFPD!

Dust the cops……

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