The Mission is Getting Stupid With the Stealing

Normally we don't share stories about people getting their stuff stolen like this.  It's not because we don't care (we do), but because the sheer quantity of them would turn this blog into a proverbial Mission Street utility pole.  However, we've noticed things are getting really out of hand lately.  And given how unique of an item this is, and how safe of a location it was stolen from (Shotwell's!), we figured our pal Rhiannon's misfortune would serve as a good reminder to keep your shit safe while merrymaking (and that thieves fucking suck):

The Mission is getting stupid with the stealing. It's one thing to steal something worth money, but Sunday someone stole my jacket from Shotwell's. Not just any jacket, but my patched out, autobiographical fucking jean jacket that I've been adding to over the past month. Could you put out the APB? It's a ladies' 2X Jean jacket, it's got an Odeon bar button on the front (right!), and patches include a Space Ghost flying towards a Maker 2010 badge on one side, Doc's Clock sign on the other, and “shut your whore mouth” on the sleeve, and my Girl Scout cookie patch from 1996 on the back.

It had my car keys in it, and some of my work keys. I have to pay to get the club off my car in the morning because of this. I'm so fucking sad with the world right now.

Here's a picture I took when I was stitching on SG the other day.

If anyone comes across Rhiannon's jacket, do hit her up on Twitter.

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Crime will only increase if we don’t narrow the widening gap between Farina and Farolito.

But can’t we all just hang in the middle everyone??

Since when is any bar a safe place for things?

Someone stole my shitty 8 year old messenger bag at rite spot a month ago, no doubt hoping to hit the jackpot with a MacBook pro or something I look like I would be carrying. Good luck withmy work clothes, asshole! And it’s worth mentioning that I’m 100% sure it was shithead skateboarder type, nothing to do with the farina/farolito gap.

Wow really? Your lame jean jacket you’ve been adding patches to for the last month? White-hipster-people problems. This could be straight out of the onion. Space Ghost & “shut your whore mouth” How original. Did you find the girl scout cookie patch at a thrift store or did you earn it?

Whit Hipster Problems: The only problems I give a shit about.

I’d definitely like to see the raping and thievery stop. I know I know, we don’t have a right to safety or our own property, after all, that’s just an illusion that was fed to us on our universal silver spoon when we were born into the world of privilege and job opportunities, hedge funds and start-ups. We’re sorry, we’ll just bend over and let you steal our anal virginity forcibly so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Hey twits, your future is calling. Its got your jean jacket and a million tiny regrets.

Feel better now?

That’s a real bummer. Having something that personal stolen is a big bag of suck. The fact that it is so highly personalized (and therefore instantly recognizable) makes it, if anything, even more annoying.

Years ago I had a box of nothing but mixtapes stolen out of my car. The same sort of “Why the hell would anyone take that? It’s not worth much of anything to anyone other than me.” kinda event.

Every punk-ass in the Bay knows the Mission is free-zone for getting away with any kind of shit. We are *totally* on our own. Let’s look out for each other’s shit ok? And stop blaming fancy restaurants. When they steal from you, they tell you first.

Somebody stole my rain jacket from the Phone Booth a few years ago. I was so upset, not because it was nice or had anything other than chapstick in the pockets, but because it was fucking raining outside!!! Jerks. I hope you find your jacket.

They stole your rain jacket, before stealing rain jackets was a thing. p.s. were/are you a Ramone?

Hear you, sis. And this is an everywhere thing. Had my jacket stolen in Valencia last week. Valencia, Spain. Dive bar, late hours, friendly crowd. Put it down, looked around gone.

Its not the jacket, its the stuff that might be in the jacket; they want.

Bars everywhere are skeezy targets for thieves that will swipe whatever is not nailed down.

Jackets, bags, wallets have been getting stolen from Mission and TL bars for years, nothing new here. My jacket was stolen at the Uptown 4 years ago on my 25th birthday.

‘patched out, autobiographical fucking jean jacket”

is she sure that it was stolen and wasn’t part of some ‘fashion intervention’ cooked up by some queens from the castro? we’re like fashion ninjas.