Apple Store for Audi Drivers to Open in the Mission

Directly across from the charming New Central Cafe, where Woody Allen kicked off his local film shoot just months ago, someone is building a gorgeous new Audi Superstore!  SocketSite has the scoop:

San Francisco’s Planning Commission has approved the plans for a new 20,000 square-foot Audi dealership to rise at 300 South Van Ness at the corner of 14th Street in the Mission with an expected opening in early 2014.

Hopefully they get it done sooner so Woody can hustle back and reshoot those establishing shots!


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I hope they take the opportunity to retrain their sales people.

Isn’t that plot of land already part of the Royal Motors dealership? Just sayin’.

The “anarchists” are going to have a field day with those windows.

All hail “Production, Distribution and Repair.” The only thing more yupped out than that bullshit would be if it were zoned for plastic surgery.

The Planning Department: everything that is wrong with San Francisco, except when you throw in the SFMTA, its sister agency comprised of mostly the same people. When combined they go from wrong to just plain super-dooper wrong.

I used to work with a software company that provided a service to Royal Motors and this has been in the works for a really long time. The family that owns Royal Motors also owns the land, so Audi is paying a big chunk of putting up the building. Part of this means that there wil likely be a name change and they cannot mix their vehicles in that location as they currently do.

Ugly highlights– pay attention, it’s already a car lot, and not changing use. Anyway, the city needs the sales tax revenue from people buying cars here in SF, rather than going to San Mateo County.

I resisted the 10K markup that these scammers demanded; instead I went with Cartelligent.