After 90 Years, Roosevelt Tamale Parlor Goes Upscale

After 90 years of business on 24th, Roosevelt Tamle Parlor has some new owners taking over and giving it an “upscale spin.” Grub Street reports:

Partners Aaron Presbrey and chef Barry Moore (a longtime head chef at Emmy's Spaghetti Shack) took over as of November 1, and they're only beginning to make changes, including a tweak to the official name, which will be The Roosevelt — though the much loved neon Tamale Parlor sign isn't going anywhere. Presbrey tells Grub Street that he and Moore were on the hunt for a restaurant space for several years before settling on this one, so they're now trying to adapt their own ideas to fit them in to the well established restaurant and menu. “We're preserving the rich history that is The Roosevelt Tamale Parlor and enhancing it with some new and interesting things,” he explains.

First off, the existing, 150+-item menu has gotten paired down to the essentials, with tamales still front and center, and your standard Mexican combo plates, etc. And the character of that food won't change too much, though they are trying to use higher quality ingredients than the previous regime.

Read on for some history of the place, what they'll be doing with the old foot soldiers in the kitchen, and a preview of what you can expect.

[Grub Street | Photo by Telstar Logistics]

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TIL kitchen staffs that don’t cater to money are called “regimes”

Oh no! This is heartbreaking.

Emmy’s spaghetti shack, eh? No thanks.

No, no, no………………….Though I’m sure the new owners have their heart in the right place, I am reluctant to be happy about this. Prices will go up I’m sure, ‘entrees’ will be less than authentic, the heart and history of this lovely place will go right out the window. This is the last bastion of “old” Mission and I am sad to see it change. Yes, I know that change can be good, but why mess with tradition? It has been a pure and simple joy going here over the years. *sigh*

I could not agree more. Alas.

Another historic Mission landmark that will be tainted by these damn hipsters…

NO NO NO! I grew up in that neighborhood and although I love change some things should just be left alone. So so sad!

It’s so sad, gentrification of The Mission is in full effect. These idiots think that by preserving the facade of the building the keep “the character” . Same as PigPie did by keeping the Discolandia sign. The Mission has lost it’s Latin flavor. These new people that have over ran the hood have no idea of our cultura or traditions for them 5 de Mayo is an excuse to wear mariachi hats and ponchos. For them Dia Del Muerto is about painting their faces and walking around with insence sticks.
They’ve ravaged the hood but jamas our cultura and rich history.

My Irish people will take back “OUR” hood one day.

Scum I don’t know why the Irish let it go in the first place. Certainly the latinos did not buy out the Irish out. LOL!!!! The Mission was considered to be a ghetto.