Supes: Harvey Milk Remembrance Ceremony "Like a Warm Bath"

Supervisors Campos, Olague, and Wiener.

San Francisco's Bored of Former Supervisors remain alive, barely, after this evening's apparently riveting memorial service for 34th anniversary of Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone's assassination. And while we can't completely fault our city leaders for experiencing 7th grade math class flashbacks during what we're told was a “painful” crop of speeches, considering the amount of posturing they do, you'd think they'd be good at it.

[Photo by Patrick Connors]

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Pretty clear that David Campos doesn’t like you if you don’t look like him or share his language or experiences. He sure didn’t like hearing about Eastern European gays being treated like crap.

What a shock.. and he wants to move to the assembly seat held by Tom Ammiano?

Whatever. He’s an asshole who’s going to give Ed Lee another appointment to the board of supervisors. his own stupid political consultant admitted that he didn’t give a shit about running for re-election, all to enrich both of them.

Fuck ‘em!


Kinda doubt that, I’ve had some pretty good warm baths in my time.

It was so dull at City Hall. The event in the Castro was fun though. A kicking band and a great alter to Harvey. In the Castro the crowd booed Scott Wiener. The Harvey Milk Club didn’t let Scott Wiener get the microphone and Tom Ammiano came out in support of public nudism.

I might be a bad gay but I had NO idea what Stuart Milk was talking about.

He spoke at length about an orphaned Romanian gay waif that he is taking under his wing and will present to Michelle Obama.

For a moment I couldn’t remember why I was at City Hall….

In their defense, I’ve been to lots of these sorts of events, and after the first half hour of speakers droning on your mind really does start to wander. They’re lucky they were allowed chairs.

Also I’ve always found David Campos to be pleasant and engaged, so I don’t know what this racist “if you don’t look like him” business is about.