The Mission's Muted Response to President Obama's Re-Elect

Let's compare:

In 2008, Valencia Street was shut down by cheering and singing and dancing and high fives and crying.

In 2012, we're slightly disappointed with how slow our food is being served.

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“Seriously that was the President’s most electrifying speech in four years and I’m sorry you couldn’t be bothered to be inspired.”

Really? Electrifying speeches every four years don’t mean shit. But that’s all Obama does. Obama didn’t merely waste the incredible enthusiasm he inspired four years ago, he channeled into into four years of mostly evil shit.

Probably the only thing right now that infuriatess me more than that yuppie fucking restaurant on Valencia with the glaring white table cloths on is how shitty a president Obama has been.

i remember when i was little and i thought i was going to be a lawyer with a bmw by the time I was 25.

im 26 now and i have neither.

i sometimes take a white table cloth from my closet and put it on my ikea table.

my cat and i eat spaghetti O’s.

i love that tablecloths are finally making a comeback!

How is life worse after Obama than before? Oh wait, the media and Republicans are telling you that is worse. Obama isn’t perfect, but the Republicans ran the house and senate the last 4 years. Its their ideas that made everything crappy.

Calm down spaz

Obama i’m sure is a nice guy. But to say it this point in American politics that one party is different then the other is baloney. A 2 party system is tyranny in it’s greatest form because we think we are so free. We face MAJOR issues that both of these parties refuse to disengage with Capitalism to even address. We still have blood on our hands for profit,not protection,we are still the biggest arms dealer in thew world,we still are going to use oil,coal and other sources of dirty energy instead of trying to slow down the descrution of the planet,we are only worried about how to squeeze the last profit from her. It’s very sad to watch. Glad that people got what they voted for(not stolen election like al gore) but really,what are we going to get?more war,more divide from rich(uber rich i mean,not u making 100k and think life is great) to the poor. This will all come to a reckoning soon,maybe not soon enough but the path we are on is one of destruction and unsustainable,so at some point the system will(is) killing itself.


It’s looney-tunes to claim that the repubs and dems are the same. Sure, the dems have moved significantly to the right over the past 20-odd years, but the repubs have moved into FUCKING BATSHIT INSANE territory.

The dems aren’t great, but they’re a fuckton different from the repubs.


There’s a fly in my gentrification pie!

Will I get a tax cut for this infringement?


“Obama isn’t perfect, but the Republicans ran the house and senate the last 4 years. Its their ideas that made everything crappy.”

Uh. No. Actually Obama and the Democrats had the house and senate for two years. And they didn’t do shit. Or i should say they didn’t do any good shit. The list of god awful things that Obama has done on his own without any prodding from the Republicans is depressingly long. Here is a tiny sampling:…

Illegal wars. Illegal assassinations. No accountability for bankers who obliterated the global economy. And to add insult to injury he closed my favorite fucking pot clubs. Obama sucks and he will continue to suck. Mark my words.

I sympathize with your concerns, but your problems certainly wouldn’t have been solved by Romney. Put the word “more” before each of them, and you’d describe a Romney administration.

Grizzled: Yup. Well said.

Wait, you mean you’re NOT for extrajudicial drone assassinations of American citizens? You DON’T support granting retroactive immunity to those that illegally wiretapped Americans under the Bush years?

I, for one, welcome our new drone (insect) overlords.

I was actually a lot more inspired by Obama before listening to him in the debates and last night’s speech. I was happy with the election in that I really didn’t want to see Romney and Ryan in the White House, but was really disappointed in how scripted and forced his speech seemed. At this point, I can’t handle another fictional story about some mythical old lady in Minnesota who just wants to scrape by. The thing that really bothers me is that a lot of us can relate to real stuff that is really happening to us (like my partner being denied healthcare or fatigue after a tense election cycle), but he still chooses to speak in this distant, vague way that comes across like some pep talk BS without really saying anything.

The difference in 2008 was that the only thing most people wanted after Bush was something to actually HOPE for and he exploited that. We wanted to believe in him because things had been so fucking bleak for the previous 8 years. 4 years later and we are still at war, the economy still sucks, the Patriot Act has been renewed and armed federal agents are raiding everything from raw health food stores to voter approved medical marijuana dispensaries and guitar manufacturers.

I love Obama and am glad he won-his most electrifying speech in 4 years? Probably not (though you may have heard the commentators say that last night, so that’s why you think that) but it was good and made me happy. I think most of us are just tired hard-working folks who are happy he won but have had 4 good years and are happy about getting 4 even better ones. Unlike in 2008 where we’d be living under an evil dictator dumb ass, last night wasn’t like the end of The Wiz where we our freedom was given to us and we felt the need to rejoice. Now, outta my way-I got a man waitin’ for me.

Most electrifying speech in 4 years? Nope, it didn’t take a commentator for me to think that. Perhaps I was caught up in the night’s emotion and energy, but Obama’s speech regardless concluded the returns perfectly.

You have to remember, people in our generation were born into an age of shit and cynicism. I was only 15 when Bush Jr. began campaigning and 16 when nine political appointees chose him to be President–and the previous years in American politics were not exactly filled with progress and positivity either. I could never remember a time in which our country wasn’t bitterly divided or on the right track.

2008 was nice, with Bush finally termed out of office and the country electing the first African American President and all. But with the passage of Prop 8 and banning same-sex marriage in two other states, it still didn’t feel like country was leaving the Bush legacy behind.

But 2012? Not only did four states vote on the side of gay marriage, but we elected our first openly gay senator, kept two rape apologists out of the senate, got Elizabeth Warren in office (and Scott Brown out), are two states closer to ending our horribly failed drug war, and both revised the three-strikes law and prevented education from being gutted in California. Obama might not be living up to our expectations, but for the first time in my life, it actually feels like we’re going in the right direction.

So, please, don’t pretend like I needed some TV hack to tell me last night mattered.

Nice one, Kevin!

I don’t understand how reforming three-strikes did so handily yet abolishing the death penalty failed. Seems to me they’re connected ideologically.

It’s great that Obama won again, isn’t it? It has proven a few things - this country has gone the entitlement way for good. Those on the system should never be given the right to vote.

Be happy all of you - the stock market is going to crash. There are new tax hikes on the way. Don’t worry, once again the entitlement group won’t pay. The middle class will though. There is no such thing as free in this world, but many of you actually thing there is.

Kids on parents’ insurance policies until 26 was the wrong thing to do. Health insurance is what made you get a full time job. Those were the decisions you made. Now no one has to contribute, they just take.

I will no longer work in this country. I have an income that I will never attempt to raise. I will now make sure I’m am in the lowest class in order to gain every tax advantage that I can.

I will NOT volunteer or donate to any organization that includes people.

I am canceling every contract that I have with democratic supporters. I will no longer make any purchases. You morons will be out of work. The country in times of depression doesn’t need 3 million psychology majors. They don’t need artists. They don’t need African Studies or Women’s Studies degrees.

Yes, remember this when you start to feel it.

And before you comment with some stupidity - I am a member of a “minority” group but I have never allowed myself to be called a minority. Those of you that have clearly don’t understand what American means.

One thing that I take away from your post is this concept that poor people have it easy and that without incentive, we should all just milk the system. Make no mistake, public housing and living on the dole is fucking miserable for the most part and I don’t expect that anyone who makes comments like the one you posted above would want to spend 1 minute in those shoes. I don’t think the ‘no work/entitlement’ motivation is as strong as you think it is. Also, if you consider yourself a patriotic citizen, I don’t know why you would intentionally try to negatively affect the economy out of spite.

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