Mission Bicycle Lights Up in Support of Obama

Election season is almost behind us, and this bummer cycle leaves us nostalgic for the fun and spirited enthusiasm of 2008.  What happened to all the beautiful artwork?  Horrible songs from the likes of will.i.am?  A Barack Obama who seemed to give a shit about winning?  Really, it's sad when the most exciting thing about a presidential campaign are the borderline racist blathering from a $3 Billion hairpiece on top of human garbage.

Thankfully, Mission Bicycle managed to find some of that 2008 fire late last week and built a rear wheel that lights up Valencia in support of Obama.


Jefferson, the manager over at the shop, admits that taking a stand in official support of Obama “doesn't sound like much of a risk.” But as a shop that ships their bikes across the country, “we will for sure lose a few red fans over [it].”

(Besides, shouldn't we be happy that they're proudly flaunting their political positions, rather being sketchy and secretive over it?)

MonkeyLetric created the technology behind the lights (but, sadly, the Obama version is not for sale at this time) and the filming was done by local filmmaker Luis Peña.  And should the video not be enough for you, the wheel is running up in their front window through election day.

(And don't forget to vote tomorrow!)

Comments (6)

Love how in the still it looks like he has a red clown nose on. Obama winning is still us losing. Lesser of two evil’s is still evil. Until two party system is changed not much gonna change for us. People before profits.

Because I’m always that pedantic asshole who hates fun.. those lights are illegal. You aren’t allowed to modify any vehicle that drives on the road with lights that aren’t specifically approved. It’s considered a distraction, and can cause people to believe a vehicle is an emergency vehicle when it’s not (eg, I see blue/red light from this in my peripheral and think it’s a cop car).

Ricers get in trouble for this all the time..

too bad mission bicycle sucks.

riding without a helmet too. not cool.

but I guess it’s cool technology.

the lose/loose mix-up drives me crazy.

well I see the derp squad has infiltrated this post.

seems to me this kind of thing makes it easier to see cyclists at night. also, it’s fucking cool art.

keep on being a pack of buzz killingtons, liberals. your tight ass bullshit lost at the polls the other day locally.