London Breed Has A New Job – Thanks to Ross Mirkarimi!

Do you realize how much influence Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi has over San Francisco? It’s pretty incredible.

He not only helped revive Christina Olague’s campaign to get her elected to his former seat on the Board of Supervisors in District 5, but he also is the reason Christina Olague lost the election to claim his former seat on the Board of Supervisors in District 5.

The man is truly omnipotent. His troubled marriage affected Olague’s future and helped send London Breed to City Hall!

There could be another explanation, though.

It is possible that Ms. Breed ran a better campaign; that Breed has deep roots in the district, as well as experience working with the community and had access to an assload of campaign cash. There is no reason to think that Breed couldn’t be the conscious choice of her neighbors without regard to the woes of Mirkarimi, is there?


The woman that Breed was running to replace, Christina Olague, was not exactly a dynamic political candidate. Something was missing from Olague’s demeanor on the campaign trail – like passion, enthusiasm, charisma…a pulse.

Most of the time Ms. Olague exuded the energy level of Terri Schaivo on Quaaludes.

A closer look at the ranked choice results shows Breed with an early advantage that continued to build as votes for so-called progressive candidates were scattered repeatedly in round after round of elimination.

Don’t forget – poll results released in September had Olague in the lead with a paltry 13% favorable response, which is a strong indication that she was not headed for a clear-cut victory.

But none of that (good, bad or ridiculous) is half as interesting as making EVERYTHING that happens in San Francisco relate back to Ross Mirkarimi.

Eric Mar won his election this week because he voted to fire Sheriff Mirkarimi.

Why not claim that Muni buses were set on fire following the SF Giants World Series victory because Ross Mirkarimi was allowed to remain Sheriff?

After all, we do know that plastic bags are banned because of Mirkarimi.

Would it be a stretch to say that Dianne Feinstein’s hair is still jet-black at the age of 79 because of the nefarious deeds of ROSS MIRKARIMI??

What would we do without him?

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i wonder what she looks like naked

Was hoping we would get a roundup from the one and only Patrick Connors on all this mess.

On another follow-up note, big thanks to PD Bird for providing photographic evidence of D5 Candidate Andrew Resignato’s rumored protest in support of the right to nudity in San Francisco. If only these photos had emerged before the election…. could have altered the whole race.