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My internet-centricity tells me this is some sort of harsh criticism of our dependence on the series of tubes for entertainment and mental nourishment, but Cranky Old Mission Guy seems to think it's some sort of dumb “old hippie newspaper cartoon.” (Shrugs)

[Photo by Cranky Old Mission Guy]

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Just to clarify, the characterization of “old hippie newspaper cartoon[s]” as “dumb” belongs entirely to Kevin “Fucking” Montgomery. As an old-time enjoyer-of and contributer-of “old hippie newspaper cartoon[s]”, I find them sometimes quite charming and/or amusing . Go (shrug) yourself.

Damn, dude. You really are cranky and miserable. Ever read something written in a nonchalant tone before?

Your attempt to force my opinions to line up with yours does not, in my book, qualify as “nonchalant”. Believe me, I tried this schtick myself when I was 18, and very few suckers bought it then.

I’m usually more or less happy with the stuff you write, but your use of the word “dumb” in this context just rubs me the wrong way.

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