Frjtz's New Meyer Lemon Hot Sauce is So Good It's Like Having a Cop Pepper Spray You in the Face

Frjtz, Valencia Street's remarkably unremarkable fries joint and 24 point Scrabble word, is getting in customer's faces with just how epic their new hot sauce is.  Of course, some people don't find it funny and are calling for a boycott.  SFist fills us in:

SFist talked to an employee at the Mission District Frjtz on Monday to learn more. “Yes,” someone at Frjtz explained to SFist when asked if the flier in question upset some patrons. The controversial yet eye-catching fliers, we were also told, are still being used to sell sauce.

Noted photographer and Occupy rabble-rouser Justin Ryan Beck joins the call to boycott, asking the restaurant, “Hey @frjtz what kind of tasteless bullshit is this?”  Which makes us wonder: is he asking about the ad or the food?


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One vote for it’s funny!

FUNNY! but not as funny as the original.

I know this isn’t news, but: people fucking love getting offended, and will search out opportunities to do so.

They have really good belgian waffles, though. Just thinking about that caramel/nutella/banana/strawberry/whipped cream goodness is making me salivate.

Im offended that people are offended that someone is trying to create awareness per fritzs’ lemon’s meyer.

Wow, that’s in shockingly bad taste. I’d boycott Frjtz, but I already don’t go there because they’re not very good. So I am clearly not their target demographic (re: People who like to spend too much money on expensive-yet-mediocre food).