The Chronicle Investigates: Is Capp Street Less "Nasty" Than SOMA?

IRL Goatse. Photo via Bluoz

With Ed Lee's Mid-Market Miracle nearly 18 months in the making, neighboring southern SOMA has been downgraded slightly from “Belize City bus station bathroom” to “meh, what about Capp Street?”  As the Chronicle reports, SOMA-based businesses fed up with poo are now looking at Capp Street as a less-pooey alternative:

Bill Pollock [of No Starch Press] has been running his publishing company in San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood for six years, but he's considering moving his company elsewhere because, after all these years, he's had it with the alleys and walkways being used as toilets.

“I've had my wife walking down Eighth Street, in the middle of the afternoon, when a man drops his pants and defecates on the sidewalk,” Pollock said. “We've had multiple issues, during the day, of guys coming in and urinating right on the building. Our street has a little alcove there that gets used like a public toilet.”

As a result, he is considering moving his business to Capp Street in the Mission District - a street that sees a fair amount of crime - because even that location would feel more welcoming, he said.

Man, that feels like a sort of epic burn directed towards the Mission's renowned prostitution corridor.  I guess we can look forward to a new economic boom thanks to or only somewhat shit-covered streets?


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Have you been to Belize City? I can think of a lot more “gross” cities…

The person in the photo was just wanting to know if someone, preferably a doctor, could check their rectal area out for them. This is why that now more than ever we need Universal Health Care. How much longer will we as a people be able to keep turning a blind eye to this poor soul’s and others like his stink eye? Wake up America!