What Do the Mission and Pac Heights Have in Common?

They're on the same t-shirt at the all-new Metreon Target!

(Seriously though, how weird is Target's new line of SF tees?)

[Photo by Andy Wright]

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It’s as if the city is having a mental break….

Are these supposed to be a reference to something? If there’s a joke in these shirt designs I’m not getting it.

Typophile’s nightmare.

What is “CRESCENT”? Is there a neighborhood me and Google maps don’t know about?

Both are completely inexplicable but it’s the “Crescent” thing that really gets me. I wonder if these were a 5 minute edit of a previous tourist shirts for London … the “Crescent” might be a leftover from a list of tube stations?

Easy, kids…. it’s just retail goods. Tourism is a huge part of this town’s economy. Your one-man show at cellspace is not.

Excellent post. This one has it all covered: fonts, neighborhood monikers, t-shirts, culture clash with middle-America. Mission blog-reader gold. the only thing missing is something about Fernet.

I quite enjoy these t-shirts. They seem to say, “hey, we’re Target and we do whimsical shit like this!”…..yes, I quite enjoy them, indeed.