Three Homicides in Eight Days

Mission Local reports:

Two men were shot and one of them killed near 24th and Harrison streets on Wednesday, police said.

The  victims, whose identities are unknown at this time, were approached at around 6 p.m. by two men who shot them. One of the men died at the scene while the other was taken to San Francisco General Hospital. His condition was not immediately disclosed, but according to police Sgt. Matt Rodgers, he was being treated for a gunshot wound to the foot.

Wednesday’s killing was the third homicide in the Mission in the last eight days. Jose Escobar was shot and killed early Saturday morning on 16th Street. Caesar Chuc, a cook at Serpentine Restaurant, died this weekend from injuries he sustained when a group of suspects attacked him on Valencia Street the previous Tuesday.

SF Appeal also reports that late last night, three men did a drive-by shooting at an officer:

At about 1:30 a.m., a San Francisco police officer was shot at multiple times from a moving vehicle that had three possible suspects inside.

The officer avoided being in the line of fire, police said.

The officer pursued the suspect vehicle and three suspects jumped from the vehicle in the 2500 block of Bryant Street, which is near 23rd street, police said.

The officer captured and arrested one suspect, police said.

Stay safe, everyone.

Comments (7)

Holy smokes. I was leaving my house at that time and heard a bunch of pops (about six) and thought “well that was either a lot of gunfire or someone hammering on a roof.” Looks like it was not home improvement. There had to be tons of witnesses - that area was busy then with lots of folks going home from work etc.

When a cop gets killed is when the clampdown will happen, sad but true.

I’m worried the neighborhood will become less interesting because of gentrification.

It’s terrible how gentrified the neighborhood has become. These are all tech-related homicides, right?

This is all because of gentrification.
I saw a dot com guy get off a Google bus and hand out guns to some kids.

Good to see people keeping it real despite all of the gentrification.

Oh we’ll, so a couple less jigs in the mission. Good riddance…..