Start-up Founder: The Flavor of the Mission "Probably Won't Be That Interesting in 5 Years"

It's that time again—another day, another video about gentrification.  It can get tiring, we know.  But this one fascinated us.

Why?  Well, for starters, it's not shot with a cellphone. But more curiously, it's weird to hear a start-uppy guy—speculative after a nurturing breakfast at Craftsman & Wolves—say the Mission won't be that interesting down the road.

That's not to say we haven't heard that line before either, because people have been claiming the Mission would be lame in 5 years since the 80s.  And that fear has been coming up to the surface a lot lately (for some of the funniest thoughts on this, former neighborhood comic Chris Garcia has been working on a pretty solid bit about Apple Storification of Valencia restaurants).  However, when it comes time for finger-pointing, tech is oft on the receiving end, not the other way around.


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But, isn’t the Mission lame already?

Not lame, homogenized for sure.

Tastes like gum that’s been chewed too long already.

Way to make a sweeping generalization, Glara.

This post must have been written like 6 years ago… The “flavor”?? GTFO

I’m moving back to inner richmond. - Way gangsta over there. You got the early hours JITB and the Hemp Center on Geary AND Rocket Room on Clement. Not to mention some tough Irish and Russian girls here and there. Did I mention the hardcore NIMBY action aswell! Get involved get into it.

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