Rain or Shine, Mission Street Brings It After the NLCS

Despite the ill-timed rain and generally garbage New York weather, Mission Street threw down with hours of horn-honking, flag-waiving, high-fiving screaming tonight.  Perhaps just a taste of the action we saw in 2010, but celebratory mood was nothing short of contagious. There were even a few SFPD riot cops out there blocking traffic and celebrating the victory!

Of course, there was one grumpy officer—who was forced to ride his undeniably sick hog in the rain—that issued stern warnings to motorists honking their horns…

…but fuck that guy.  Go Giants!

(Oh, and if you really want to get into the vibe, here's 20 minutes of audio from 24th and Mission:)

Mission St After Giants Win NLCS at 24th & Mission by knorby

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Yeah, if that and other general spelling mistakes didn’t already tip you off, I was kinda drunk when I wrote this and my deeply-seated Boston conditioning came to the surface.

At least people are on the bandwagon now,and not wait till we have 3 games to 1 lead like in 2010. Anyway, Go giants!

There is no bandwagon. Everyone is invited. SF!!!

Yes,of course everyone is invited,but there is a bandwagon. to not say so would be foolish. 1 tenth of these Giants fans were at fan day,spring training,or even went to games during the regular season. Its all good,plenty of room here,glad you guys all showed up to celebrate BEFORE we even got to the world series this time. Go Giants!

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