Giants in the Parklet

When I first saw these two guys chillin' in Fabric8's parklet watching game 6, my gut reaction was “of course someone's watching the Giants in a parklet” and started uncontrollably foaming at the mouth with shitty hipster jokes.  But, really, these guys have it all figured out.  Comfy bean bags, a heat lamp keeping them warm, reclaimed wood everywhere, easy bike parking… it's really the idyllic venue for baseball.  Plus, given how this torrential rainmageddon situation is playing out, the parklet should give you primo access to tonight street-side celebrations.

Comments (3)

no parklet baseball for game 7 - we scored tix!

try the cinecave at lost weekend video

Too bad a bird didn’t fly by and drop a nice deuce on their heads. Oh well. Can’t win em all.