The local Juggathological community was abuzz this afternoon following reports of rare exotic Juggalo sightings in downtown San Francisco.  Although their natural habitat includes tents, trailer parks, and wood paneled basements, it is not uncommon for the male Juggalo to wander into more populated areas when methamphetamine supplies run low. Following the scent of Faygo and foraging for joints and titties along the way, the Juggalo, or Ninja as he is sometimes known, may be heard rapping about complex scientific topics such as magnetism or crying out in a series of repetitive wooping sounds. This tiny “gathering” (as a grouping of this species is called) was first spotted outside of Zeitgeist by PD Bird, and later documented marching towards City Hall. Note the sharply contrasting facial markings on both ninjas, and the shiny Hachetman medallion on the specimen on the right. Yes, this is truly a glorious day for Bay Area white trash watchers.

[Photo/warning by Generic]

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They’ve got to be ironic Juggalos. Real Juggalos wouldn’t have the navigational skills to locate SF on a map.

I suppose when JayZ performs in San Francisco we can expect you to report on the black trash, projects living, crack dealing/using attendees? Or do you have the brass ovaries to do it? I’ll go ahead and say, “nah”…..hipster transplants generally don’t.

Never understood masking as expression, hiding sure, but fuck music is magic it’s in the air and you can’t even see it

Ever been to the trailer park in South City? Coco county? WOO WOO bitches!

Dear Cosmic Amanda, i’m eagerly awaiting your review of some black/latino/asian trash, crack(or other preferred illicit drug of choice) using, ghetto(or other word for low socio/economic living area) fans. I don’t think you’ve got the ovaries. Come on and prove me wrong!

I’m a juggalo I don’t live in a traller dumb ass bitch not every juggalo lives in traller I know a few that live in houses so learn your facts before you talk shit I love my fam I’m who I am they saved my life I can locate San Francisco on a map I’m in school studieing shit so don’t make fun of us in less you know us

Scary josh(a juggalo)

White trash mimes.

The internet can never have enough blog posts making fun of dumb people.

“gone foraging for joints and titties” -that’s gonna be my epitaph.

This is very saddening to me. For one…I am a juggalo and have been for the past 15 years or so. I am not uneducated, nor do I live in a tent or a trailer park. I live in a nice apartment with my family, which happens to be my amazing girlfriend and her little boy. I’ve also had the same job for the past 11 years…working for TD Bank. I probably make more money doing my job then most of you trolls talking negatively about something you obviously have no clue about. To judge an entire group of people by the trashy few, is just idiotic and shows how quick to judge ignorant people are. Do a little more research before you badmouth legitimate members of society. I myself have seen quite a few scumbags of every musical back ground. I’ve met emo kids, hipsters, rock music fans that can be more trashy than any juggalo I know.

Ya whoop whoop,! Ya treat us as animals so look at your self you are no better then those you put down for i find bigots to be a much more disgraceful creature then your average voodoowizardcircusninja( juggalo/ juggalette)

Juggalos and hipsters have way more in common then i’m sure either would ever wish to agree to. They both dress like clowns, it’s just that the Juggalos take it a step further with the face paint. Can’t we just call a truce between the two groups like the bloods and crips did, and call it a day?