The Buck Loses Its Lease

The Buck Tavern, the mid-Market progressive hangout and all around killer bar owned by Chris Daly, has lost its lease and will be closing up at the end of the month.

Daly himself posted the announcement with a nautical-themed Halloween party announcementt, scheduled for Oct. 31st:

We've lost our lease, so let's set sail!

Being cryptic as always, Daly isn't really explaining what is happening, but posted two comments:

Even though we lost our lease, we like to think that we're embarking upon an even more epic journey. (Don't forget your nautical attire.)


If you asked me last week, I would have told you that we were selling. Today, all I can say for sure is 10/31 is our last day. Oh, and we're going to have a great party that night! (And of course, wear your nautical attire, because this ship is sailing!)

Basically, he's really pushing this “on a boat” thing, even though that video is, like, so four years ago.  Is this some sort of dig at the America's Cup (probably) and the city's eclectic community being pushed out (maybe)?  Either way, the Buck is done, and that probably means one less dive serving decently cheap food.

And where are we supposed to watch the election returns now?

[Photo by Jon Phillips | via Patrick Conners]

Comments (9)

Too bad, I had just realized they have free pool on Sunday and Monday. Hope the space doesn’t stay empty for long.

I wonder if it has to do with the outrage over naming a navy vessel after Harvey Milk.

Will it be relocating to Fairfield?

Chris Daly is an asshole and a bully. Move back to the burbs jerk.

I’m really worried about that stretch of Market Street.

Don’t let the door to SF hit you on the ass as you go back to Fairfield. Good riddance.

I absolutely LOVED knowing that his tavern was blocks from my apartment - even if I’d only been in it a few times to drink a diet coke and stare at him.

SF will soon have as much character and personality as Los Gatos.

Hey - we’ve got one Target and another on the way and Rose Pak’s billion dollar subway to nowhere and TECH and a city government that is completely run by one like minded political party…and a few detractors.

How do you spell Podunk?

San Francisco = San Jose by The Bay