Pro-Life Billboard Updated to Better Reflect SF Values

While our eyes were all distracted by rainbows and orange clouds yesterday, some nefarious vandals in Bernal Heights hacked apart a creepy Christian billboard depicting John Legend about to eat a baby.  The pro-vagina update?  Much nicer, if I do say so myself.

[via Bernalwood]

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Awesome piece of culture hacking! I love my city.

There’s a similar billboard at 16th and South Van Ness. Someone needs to take care of that one.

Personally I think more could be done by flipping the message in the other direction – the “pro-life” people only seem to be concerned about abortion while intentionally ignoring the bigger picture.

I.e. keep the pro-life part, but make the photo have something to do with ending war, ending the death penalty, reducing violent crime, or improving access to health care, etc. etc.

San Francisco: my free speech is sacred. People I don’t agree with, not so much.

I’d say the billboard was 100% improved! Thank you, SF!

This is why I love it here

I’m pretty sure if this were done the other way around and pro-lifers “altered” a pro-choice billboard in SF there’d be an uproar. I frikkin love this city, and I’m not coming down on a political issue, but I do think this is one-sided tolerance. Buy your own sign, have a protest, wave a hanger… don’t deface someone else’s property.