Missed Connections Comix: Playa Wandering

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Hi - This is Scorpio - my friends and I all all are enjoying your illustration of my adventures …I’m speechless (until now clearly) . thanks for making our week-

I am tracking down the lady from the post right now

Scorpio / Dave

PS -the likeness is staggering!!

For real?! This is awesome!! Go get that greyhound!!! But you should duck out of the city and go to Cafe Van Kleef in downtown Oakland, that’s the best greyhound around.

this is awesome, i’m the person that wrote this post, i ran into scorpio/dave at the decompression this weekend and he told me about your comic, absolutely brilliant!

Woooooooo! Loving the Fire Tornado art. This was at our camp. Hooray for playa cartoons!!!