Market Street Bike Lanes Getting Repaved This Month!

The notoriously bumpy, spine-jarring bike lane along Market Street that seemingly every bike commuter is forced to endure is finally getting repaved this month.  Here's what a press release from the SF Bike Coalition had to say about it:

We heard from many of you that Market Street pavement was your number one concern, so we made it our focus. SF Bicycle Coalition staff literally walked every block of Market with the DPW, pointing out the most unsafe areas for those of us biking. The initial repaving was a simple patch job over a few small areas, and after working with the City, we helped expand the repaving to 30 locations, and over 15,000 square feet of new pavement.

Repaving is scheduled for September 10-23, and work will happen at night to reduce disruptions to your commute. New pavement has already been laid down in a few locations, and we’ll be keeping an eye on the streets to make sure that all of those unsafe spots get fresh and smooth pavement.

Whew.  Thanks, SFBC!

(Now, if they could only do something to make all the wayward crackheads, pushers, and hustlers from jumping out in front of us…)

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i will say i read it here first!