Man Tries to Clean Up Mid-Market By Hosing Down Elderly Chinese Women

In a throwback to the tactics of 1960s Southern cops, a man guarding a Mid-Market donut shop has taken to spraying down elderly women in an attempt to clean up the neighborhood's sketchiness.  Jonathan Powers was on the scene:

This morning at 7th and Market Street the security guard at Donut World / John's Burgers was hosing down 70+ year old Chinese women with cold water. It was cool and foggy out , they were no longer in front of the shop and packing up.

When a gentleman passing buy told him he was out of line, he said, ” I don't want them here and you need to mind your own business” then proceeded to threatened the man with multiple forms of physical violence and even trying to bait him into a fight.

Sure it gets annoying seeing these women selling food they get free from the local food banks BUT I don't see apple juice, canned carrots, and marshmallows as a mainstay of the traditional Chinese diet and perhaps they sell these items to buy food that is actually useful to them.

Regardless of why, it is completely wrong to spray old women with ice water just because you decide you do not want them there.

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I’d be hating too if i worked at Donut World / John’s Burgers and dare him to spray down more threatening characters.

Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.


this blog needs to mind its own bidness.

Real tough guy.

Not condoning his actions, but that must have been a goddamn hilarious encounter to watch.

If I had a nickel for every golden shower someone gave me on mid-Market…

Once. Twice, and the guy should get fired. All he has to do is call the Food Bank, they will send a representative, who will arrive with S.F.P.D. They will take whatever was received from the Food Bank, and the ladies will be asked to move on or risk being cited.

you all are missing the point: this is downright racist and heartless, not to speak of stupid. These are human beings being mistreated callously and I can’t believe anyone should find it funny. go get sprayed on midMarket!