I miss my friend

(B.cause, me, Matthew)

Today I found out that my friend DJ Matthew Africa passed away this past Monday in a car accident. He was that dude of dudes, a generous and kind man with a wealth of knowledge that he shared with anyone. I'm still in shock and keep waiting for him to call me up and say it's bullshit and we're gonna get some beers before tomorrow night's rap show. He was a dj on KALX for years, wrote for Vinyl Exchange, made some incredible mixes (best of Too Short should be in everyone's rotation), we did a podcast together for the past year and a half. Most of all though he was an awesome person and today we all lost. Bay Area hiphop took a hit today and I can't believe I'll never see my friend but that is nothing compared to what his wife and family are going through.

If you've never heard him play I just suggest you check out his Soul Boulders mix series with B.Cause because it's fucking amazing. I miss my friend and just want to share things he did because he enjoyed sharing what he loved.

And just because it's Matthew, in 2008 we came together and released a 4th in a series of violent rap mixes I was releasing because we both really loved music about getting buck as fuck. (click the image for dl) 

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rest in peace :’(

Sorry to hear Serg. Take comfort knowing you had a true friend in this life. I’m sure he knew it too. My condolences, amigo.