Dolores Park Advocacy Organization's Message to the Critical Mass 20th Anniversary Ride

On or off the streets, cyclists just get no love from the city's motorists and yawning activists—even if they leave the site of the after party pretty clean.  What's a bike parade to do?

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If it was the same idiots that were riding down Market St Friday night, most of the traffic wasn’t happy being completely locked up for 20 minutes while bikes literally rode circles in the Market & Van Ness intersection. Having a ‘parade’ is one thing, but intentionally causing deadlock and wasting other peoples time is not cool. It was difficult to not give in and drive all of them over.

now you’re gettin’ it! that puppy looks cute, but he talks like an asshole.

Next time, just “give in and drive all of them over.” Hell, we’ve got status quos to keep, climates to change, and foreign oil to burn! YOLO, and HAM

I’m guessing that the coach bus that got stuck diagonally blocking the entire intersection at Market and Guerrero/Laguna for 20 minutes while attempting to make a left turn through the thick of Critical Mass was probably a significant factor in that gridlock.

Critical Mass does NOT represent all cyclists.

Kill Whitey!

If critical mass would stop for every third red light, people might not hate them so much.

If only funeral processions would do this too..

IIf most cyclist stopped at stop signs/lights used proper hand signals then people might not hate us so much. And to say “them”when each and every ride is made up of different people from all walks of life means that you are missing the point entirely. Critical mass is your friends and neighbors.

Were they making a ton of noise? That would be kind of annoying for people in the neighborhood trying to sleep.

I’l just say this. as a rider who works from my bike,and has been car free for the last 12 years,does all my vacations,work,play and chores by bike.I stop at ALL stop signs/lights. Then when it is time(A well known fact,6pm last friday of month) to ride in our police escorted parade around the city I dont stop. One reason being is that I have seen the cops demand that we proceed so that the mass can come and go in the little amount of time as possible. one thing that has always worried me is the “Circling”at intersections, no matter what tho,it is not going away. Anyone who rides a bike in this town owes a lot the chris and the others who were brave enough to start demanding more space on the roads.Period. If you dont like CM,then just go back to the status quo. Help destroy the environment,help keep Saudi women in bondage,help prop up unjust regimes and help the war mongers stay on course. Or you can act,and not deny yourself of any tactics that you have at ur disposal and help create a better world. Yes,i am a dreamer,but i’m not the only one. Wind,solar,and bikes. Yes this current destructive system will not make that transition,but thats the point.One day we will look back at our self centered car culture and wonder why we waited till we had no choice and could have made the pain a lot less. Instead,in the name of profit,laziness and the unwillingness to take PERSONAL resposabilty for each ones actions(or lack of it) we continue down the path or destruction and not toward the greatness that mankind is destined for.

See that long blank key at the bottom of the keyboard. That’s for spaces. It’s called a spacebar. ur not using it often enough.

Sorry Jstro. for the record i only have a 8th grade education. Spent the rest of my time working on boats to help[ support my grandparent’s on the Chesapeake bay. While working on the water in my youth and obtaining a OUPV captains license at age 16 doing fishing,crabbing and oystering and sailing have helped me travel the world( i had a 100 ton captain license by 19 with a towing endorsement ) it definitely did not help me with grammar or spelling. I know that my spelling and grammar will always be off,but please bear with me,I really am smarter then i am able to express in the written form. Once again I would like to apologize to anyone that my uneducation has offended. cheers

I always joke that I dropped out of the 6th grade, actually. Go lazy christian parents. I just received my internet beatings for grammar early and often, now the cycle is repeating. tear.

Wait. Did someone who doesn’t know how to spell “you’re” just criticize someone else about typing? That’s pretty funny.

Irony isn’t ur strong suite is it herr doctor?

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