Walnut Creek Residents Not Happy with Parklet Program

KTVU headed out to the Mission last week to get the scoop on our love of parklets.  But, gosh darn golly, some people aren't stoked with removing parking spaces for small public parks.  In fact, folks from Walnut Creek and San Jose think that our beloved parklets are making it difficult to park in the city, suggesting it's time for San Francisco to put limits on the program.

But don't worry, for now we have nothing to fear… for now:

The next round of parklet permits will be issued in the fall, but now, the city has no plans to put any limits in place.


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More parklets, less wonky-eyes from Walnut Creek.

In other news, people from the suburbs think public space should be replaced with parking lots.

That’s all they could find to comment on this story? Non-residents.

“Just in. How parklets affect two assholes from Muncie, Indiana, and what that means for your weekend. More at 7.”

Slightly off topic, but as a former child of Walnut Creek, I have to ask why it is so hated? I feel like this wouldn’t be a post had there not been a Walnut Creek woman to make fun of. I have my issues with the place, which is why I haven’t lived there for 15 years, but not sure why anyone even knows it exists.. It’s small and insignificant, but a punch line here. Is it the quintessential suburb? Does it remind most of your other readers of wherever they escaped from? Why not hate on Livermore, Mill Valley or Sunnyvale? Has anyone else been there? Not expecting any love or sympathy for outing myself. Just curious.

She could have been from Sacramento for all I care, it’s the self-centeredness that bothered me–driving in from wherever the fuck to tell us how to do things for her own temporary benefit.

I lived and owned a home in Walnut Creek for more than a decade, since that’s where we could afford to buy at the time (1999), and can tell you that every stereotype SFans believe about it is true. I’m grateful every day that I live in the city now!

Something suspicious about all that winking

I live in SF, have for 10 years (granted, probably a newbie to some of you). And I’m fucking sick of parklets.

Only 10 years and already a nimby? Impressive!

“The Creek” has it all, they’ve got an Applebee’s AND a Chili’s!

Maybe all the bridgers from walnut creek should take BART instead. Just a suggestion.

“Maybe all the bridgers from walnut creek should take BART instead.”

Exactly what I was thinking. There’s a BART station right in the middle of Walnut Creek, unless one is planning on staying out really late or buying merchandise in the City that necessitates driving a car in, I can’t see the logic of bypassing mass transit.

One thing I’ve noticed during my time in SF is that its famed open and liberal atmosphere tends to make a lot of people (whether they live here or not) feel entitled to having an opinion on how the City should run itself. Obviously tourism is a huge moneymaker and visitors should feel welcome here, but these same people need to respect and plan for the fact that many neighborhoods are not set up to accommodate a massive influx of cars every weekend.