Tommy Wiseau Found in Local Whole Foods

Sam ran into the writer/director/star of the best/worst movie ever set in San Francisco grazing in a Whole Foods bulk isle, noting:

“He insisted on taking his hair out of a ponytail before taking the photo.  He smelled of heavenly Aqua Velva.”

Anyway, no word on why he's back in town (sequel?!), but this is certainly the most exciting celebrity sighting this town has had in weeks.

(And if you're not hip to the cinematic trainwreck that is The Room, here's a taste:)

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Sam looks luminous.

hi doggy

Who doesn’t want bleeding ceilings, badly delivered lines, and strange men talking to them in movie theaters that turn into strobed skeletons?! Brilliant. Truly.

Wow. A photo of the most astounding two-headed talent monster the world has known.