Model Airplane Scores Epic Shots of Dolores Park

Ever wanted to know what it'd look like to shoot video from a model airplane zipping past Dolores Park?  I certainly have, but considering my habit of landing planes in the side of mountains in flight simulators, I figured doing so would most certainly be a bad idea.

Luckily, the menacing dorks at Noisebridge tried it for us.  Their landing wasn't much better than what I could do, but no one was killed and the resulting video is definitely a cool watch.  Action picks up about 1:30 in:

Comments (3)

that is rather awesome.

I’ve always wanted to build a radio controlled helicopter and attach a camera to it for covering events and such. Saw one on YouTube in Poland that flew over the cop barricade and hovered over some protest there, and I immediately saw the possibilities for SF

Not to be a downer, but isn’t it super dangerous to fly that thing in a crowded park? Especially since who ever flying it clearly can’t land worth shit.

I don’t think before I type: For personal use it’s legal. For commercial use heli’s are prohibited by the FCC.