The Future of Bike Helmets

Thought the future of bike helmets were those poorly-ventilated Bern lids that everyone seems to be getting into?  Nope.  A duo of design students took a whole mess of venture capital, years of research, and a bunch of poor, innocent crash test dummies and created an “invisible bike helmet.”  The result?  A goddamn airbag that fits around your neck.  Also, it doubles as a scarf for the cool San Francisco nighttime ride.

The future is lookin' good:

(Thanks, Mallory!)

Comments (3)

My only thought is how sensitive the trigger is (I watched the video on mute so not sure if it was covered). What if you come to a quick stop for a pedestrian but stay on your bike, will it still deploy and you just sit there lookin like a goon?

Very cool. But $600 is pretty steep compared to any other helmet out there.

This would also save pedestrians’ lives!