Reality TV Show About Bike Messengers Being Filmed in the Mission

Here's the casting video featuring a bunch of riders from TCB Courier:

And another casting video with the owner of Pushbike on 22nd and Shotwell, among others:

We hear that the pilot is for The Weather Channel and they start filming tomorrow in the neighborhood, so be sure to keep a look out for the cameras in Dolores Park, Uptown, Pop's, St. Francis and other such places this weekend.

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I am sorry, but a TV show about bike messengers in 2012 makes as much sense as one about a video rental shop in 2012. Both saw their prime about 1992.

Bike messengers were vital to just about any kind of business in the 1980’s and ‘90’s. In the architecture firm I worked (and still do) for there was a standing order for one to show up every hour or so.

With the advent of high speed internet, FTP sites and other cloud appliances, the digitation of everything, today there might be 1 bike messenger for every 25 that worked full time in the ‘80’s.

Now the main purpose for a bike messenger is to carry legal documents that require original, “wet” signatures and/or Drugs.

They say in the video that TCB mostly delivers food.

This collection of rookies, simply put, delivers food on bikes. They are not bike messengers, in any typical sense of the term. Talk to any real messenger worth his salt, at the Wall, One Post, or the Statue; and they will tell you the same thing. Real messengers get hired and have a 9-5, m-f schedule.

These TV people might as well be producing a Real Housewives show starring pizza delivery schlubs and show it on the Weather Channel.

If King Messenger Rob Solimo trailed these kids around town though, I’d watch

So work schedule dictates messenger legitimacy?

Um, no.

If you get a call to pick something up, go get said item, and deliver it on a bike somewhere else, you are a bike messenger. Regardless if it’s food, paperwork, or a box of condoms and at bottle of whisky at 1am. The guys at TCB work just as hard as anyone at the Wall, the Statue, or One Post.

Many of the “collection of rookies” used to messenger downtown in your “typical sense” but decided to go work somewhere that provides them decent pay, health insurance, and still the freedom to be outside all day and not have a typical boss.

Not to mention one of the Owners of TCB won the NACCCS (north american CYCLE COURIER championships) this year. Oh but clearly, you know what you’re talking about.

And dude, get with it, Rob hasn’t worked as a messenger in like a year.

Bike messengers seem cool because they don’t give a shit . This pretty much ruins that pretense.

They’re also broke as shit and probably welcome the paycheck.

Probably don’t even care what you think, either.

“Reality” and “bike messenger” is an oxymoron.

Mission/SOMA is becoming a sad little museum to a 1980s & 90’s (cleansed of course with respect to the only innovative people the neighborhood actually ever had – its gay leather men by night and design mavens by day) that itself was a sad museum of New York in the 70’s and 80’s.

Its like watching the cast of Glee break dancing.

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