Oh Apparently 7X7 thinks it knows about Underground HipHop

They mentioned AesopRock which made me do a double take, unfortunately the smarts behind their local shows round up failed to realize he is not an SF native. Whatever little shit, I use to bang float and earthworms a lot. Anyways if 7x7 is mentioning Aesop Rock shows then fuck it I'm gonna mention some shows.

scary time at DNA lounge for spooky day but if you want an early jump on scary time White Ring is also going to dj at FuturePerfect Thursday at Public Works.

Hey remember Kreayshawn? well her sidekick is at 330 ritch if you like bullshit.

This fool is playing Tormenta saturday.

Tidal Wave Metal Fest out at McLaren Park Saturday & Sunday and that shit is free fool.


Monday show gramps but for this one I'm actually giving away a pair of free tickets on Stay Hatin (a rap podcast I do). But yeah if you like raps about sucking dick with scary time beats or if you want to stage dive feet first you might want to holler at it.


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I wouldn’t call Aesop Rock “underground.” I’m aware of him and I don’t listen to hip hop at all.

underground style?….

well I’d rather call it “underground hiphop” instead of indie rap

AesopRock isn’t a native, but he has lived at the end of my street for 4 or 5 years now.

i do. i do like bullshit