Car Plows Through Zeitgeist's Bike Rack, Multiple Fixies Injuried

Fellow UA author Erika is on the scene at Zeitgeist where a car just barreled through Zeitgeist's bike rack:

“A car just plowed through the bike rack at Zeitgeist and hit a person.  Bike parts everywhere.  At least everyone got drink tickets as emotional compensation.”

Upwards of 30 bikes were destroyed in the accident and the person is “okay” with a broken leg.

More grisly crime scene photos below:

Searching for survivors.

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Did the driver stop, or did he/she not even notice that something was awry?

Hell’s to the no, just I heard it just sped away, as if something happened that is wanted no part of. I think there were some car debris in the intersection, but I didn’t see the po-po paying much attention to it.

The driver drove down the block a little bit to find a reasonable place to pull off and was talking to a police officer.

Also, I know the bike wreckage is funny, but the guy who was hit looked pretty messed up. It was definitely distressing at the time.

BTW whoever’s public that is I’ll buy your wrecked rear wheel and shifter off you.

the poor public bike is mine! she’s resting peacefully in my basement at the moment. you really want to buy the bent wheel?

It was a pretty sad sight, the mangled handlebars were especially sad (We were locked up right across just the street, and felt pretty lucky that our white Public survived) But I can put what’s left to a good use Write me at

I just got a lot less confused about many things

Well, at least the wheel is worth about the same bent as it was new! Now you can get a real bike! ;)

30 bikers gotta find that guy’s car and tear it apart piece by piece.

More like 30 fixie hipsters will tweet photos of the car and blog angrily about it.

Bikers … *laugh* bikers? Really? Dude’s on Schwins rockin’ triple patches with 1%er patches .. OH YEAH! Not! haha!

No one actually saw a car. Rumor is that Ross Mirkarimi was just on a bender.

actually, not that many fixed gears in there, but it IS a fun word to write in a headline…

I was thinking when they put in this rack in, how long it would take a car to wipe it out, being that it is on a super high traffic street one block from a freeway exit. As well as looking like a turn lane onto valencia as now no cars park there. now. When they re do it it should be MORE VISIBLE. It was 2 weeks to get wiped out!!! I am so careful to cross valencia street there, as the cars come so fast, just getting off the freeway they like to still do 60!

All the more reason for traffic calming at this intersection. The bike rack was installed several months ago, not two weeks. Good that the driver pulled over, a short distance away, if that account is accurate.

This incident just goes to show why we need LESS cars in this city. Duboce is a speedway… We were there 10 mins after this happened and the driver of the car said that she lost control and was even using the emergency brake to try to stop..Also,not sure if she wanted to pull over,or her car could not go any further from the damage. it was across the st and up the hill abit. This does nothing but prove that we need ALOT less cars and much more traffic slowing(calming).

I was taking the Hipsterdozer out for a test run in preparation for Critical Mass. It’s gonna be awesome.

Irst prize, best comment category.

yeah, because killing people with your car to be cool is awesome.. no, you suck. That isn’t even funny to joke about. Someone has done that once already. :/…

How do bikes and the word hipster go together? I’m pretty sure now it’s safe to say people like you who say the word hipster are ironically doing so because it’s now the ‘hip’ thing to do..

Have fun being a lil internet troll.. if you’d like we can meet I am willing to slap the dogshit out of you.. PM me for my number. anytime.

Hey! Don’t beat up a 13 year old.

My friend Paul was the one that got hit, he is having surgery on his leg today. Two compound fractures of the leg.

Best wishes to your fried Paul on a quick recovery. We can make jokes about bikes, cause you know, they’re just stuff. But your friend Paul’s pain is real and undeserved.

I hope your friend gets better soon without lasting damage, and that the driver had decent insurance (100K+). I suspect there will be some difficulty with the volume of claims for all those bikes - make sure the injured fellow gets his in quickly and beware of subrogation if he has health insurance.

Holy crap, that’s eff’n horrible. The “re-install” needs to include some traffic bollards to defend the bikes from treachery. I hope the insurance co. pays for the injuries and bikes. Set up a donation fund and post it if anyone needs help getting a new bike.

Cities should insist that highway departments install vibrating pavements at every freeway exit accompanied by signs saying “people live here, slow down” or some such thing.

The couple of times I’ve used that rack it’s felt really dangerous to be standing on Duboce locking up my bike. Sorry to hear my anxiety came true. Heal fast Paul.

Citizen Chain is offering 10% off parts and labor to any cyclist who had their bicycle damaged.
We want to help you get back on your bike!!!
If it is a hard to find rare bicycle like the beautiful 3Rensho or Colnago let us help you find another!
We know how hard those gems are to find and how we would feel, it is the least we can do!

So… other than that.. Is anyone making a T-Shirt on this? “Bikepocalypse Now” or THE GREAT BIKE MASSACRE?
Just wondering

Owner of the red ‘72 Colnago here, still pretty emotional about this.

Thanks for the offer! Looking into Citizen Chain right now.

Sorry to hear that - 20 shitty overpriced & crappy Taiwanese robot-built Public Bikes wouldn’t make up for your loss…

Way to capitalize on this tragedy. Don’t you have an ambulance to chase? Citizen Chain = Citizen LAME.

Mmmm…. 50% would be generous and admirable. 10% just seems like “let’s drum up some business”.

It looks like there was almost $29 dollars worth of damage in this tragedy! Oh the humanity!

Ha Ha Ha! Should of bought n old a Schwinn!!!

zeitgeist used to let all those bikes inside the back yard. i bet every one of the bikes locked there was a customer of theirs. more bikes at zg! less bikes locked up on the street, vulnerable to clueless drivers at a nasty intersection, as well as thieves.

I’m pretty sure it’s the driver’s fault no matter how you slice it?

Your’e a douchebag.
It’s the Cities fault for placement & even more importantly it’s the drunken female behind the wheel’s fault more than anything.
Zeitgeist packs in as many bikes as is allowed per square foot in the yard.
Get there early so you & your skinny jeans-wearing crew can get your drink on…

“Your’e [sic] a douchebag,” says NutzDeep.

i would NEVER have locked my bike up here gah! serves you right for not being as smart as me gah! hahahahaah!

I’m sure this is funny to some of you, but I’ll never be able to replace my 3Rensho. I guess it’s my fault for locking up there? Shoulda woulda coulda.
It’s a relief that Paul is okay- I hope he recovers quickly. And that’s nice that Citizen Chain is offering discounts. I hope every one else who lost their bikes are finding quick replacements.
R.I.P. 30+ bikes…

Huh. I don’t remember such an outpouring of grief when several motorcycles, mine included, got knocked over by “anarchist” kiddies on May Day Eve, also in front of Zeitgeist (but on the Valencia side).

Was it totaled? A few scratches isn’t the same as total loss of your main mode of transportation.

• When we rebuild this, the plastic vertical bollards should be replaced with solid iron horizontal pikes, placed at tire and grille level.

I still don’t understand how someone knocked all these over in the first place ! It was broad daylight, there are reflectors (albeit plastic), a HUGE SPIRAL METAL BIKE RACK, and TONS OF BRIGHTLY-COLORED SHINY BIKES. How do you NOT see them ?!

First thing I saw in the pile was the 3Rensho. Is the frame salvageable, Ericka!? What a loss that one is. My condolences.

Sorry for your loss - they need to build those SHITTY Public bikes w/ bumper guards on them or something so when you park between them, it buffers impact should something happen…

Around 6:30 pm i left car was parked 2 cars behind the begining of the new bike rack at zeit outside..when i came out, i then notice two young women in a car behind me parked argueing.about something ??? by this time i had put my bag in the trunk and walked along my car while on the phone entered the this time since there were two cute girls behind me i looked in my mirror and notice the passenger getting out of the car looking upset???,i then continued talking on the phone.[n a few minutes i heard a car reving its engine behind me very high to high and shot by me i heard a crash ???but could not tell where it came from .I looked in my rear mirror and seen the girl who exit out of the passengers side car.put her hand over her mouth in such a disbelief…me being clue less went the other direction because i was was late ..for an event.. when i got home a good friend called me from zeit and said Sunny paul got ran over!!!!!WTF ps this is no bs..all

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