Big New Sidewalk Juice Opening at 24th and Folsom

Everyone's favorite juice hole-in-the-wall is growing up and getting a proper storefront, right across from Philz.  Who knows if this means they're closing up their 21st and Valencia location when the new digs open up, all we know is that the marquee was painted just a few days ago.

(Also, how disgusting is “Sidewalk Juice” as a name?  I always thought that it was just some PC-jargon for “bum urine” until I learned they sold delicious berry smoothies and vegan cookies.)

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I ALWAYS have that same thought about the name!!!

The name is something out of a Dave Chappelle Skit for sure!

Every time I walk by that place I want to try it, but then I look up at the sign and realize there’s no way in hell I’m putting something called “sidewalk juice” in my body.

They are not closing their Valencia location - just opening a second location. And the name “Sidewalk Juice” is not meant to refer to anything disgusting - it comes from the simple idea that they are a little neighborhood shop selling juice that one can drink out on the sidewalk…Maybe time to get your mind out of the gutter, people?  )