Attn San Francisco: Bill Murray Wants to Crash Your Party

Phoenix, AZ is getting ready for their August 1st visit.

According to the 'totes legit' looking, Bill Murray is looking to crash random parties in San Francisco on August 8th. In the article, Murray's agent sets the guidelines for participation and is quoted as saying that partygoers must refer to Murray in person as “Kaiser Soze”, and that he will be looking for parties with karaoke and signs outside that say “BILL MURRAY CAN CRASH HERE”. 
Yes, this is fake (Murray doesn't have an agent, and the hotline phone number on the flyer is for the Westboro Baptist church), but it will be interesting to see how many idiots in San Francisco will be suckered into throwing karaoke parties that night and putting signs up outside their house.


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It’s fake, the number goes to Westboro Baptist Church, also he doesn’t have an agent. It’s just a way to clog the Westboro church’s phoneline.

Yeah I didn’t read your post before I commented, what now mother fucker.

How do we know it isn’t a double fake? The slightest chance of Bill Murray showing up would make the karaoke party and sign worth it.

Hostility abounds.

Screw it, let’s party anyways!

Having alcohol & karaoke is a “sucker bet”???
No, doing so would be a win-win, even if Murray didn’t show up.