Update: Neighborhood Garage Door Owners Still Upset About Graffiti

Hold on, are you implying someone with an also worthless high school diploma can't possibly object to your taste in shitty house paint with a marker?

Anyway, I'm sure this will deescalate the situation!

[Photo by Cranky Old Mission Guy]

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I think that is a fair warning.

I don’t like it the way this blog complains about bicycles being stolen, then makes fun of people who are the victims of graffiti. grow up, dude.

I don’t make fun of them because they complain about being victims, I make fun of them for the way they complain about being victims.

Well, that is a good intention, but its not always received that way. When the bicycle people get their day ruined and say so over the top angry stuff, or about the police not doing enough to stop those theft, you spin it righteous.

Okay, I’ll bite.

It’s all about proportion. A bike is usually a sizable financial investment for a person, often a person’s primary mode of a transportation, and can carry a priceless sentimental value (see people who build their own bikes up). From a financial perspective, most bikes you see locked up run $500-$1000. Even for the most well-paid, yuppie shithead gentrifying tech freelancer asshole making a $100/hour, that’s a solid 5-10 hours of work, not including taxes on either end of the deal. Never mind all the time it takes to replace the bike/build it/etc., and the time not having an efficient, clean way to get across town. And, let’s be honest, basically no one makes that much. If you’re a student, messenger, artist, self-righteous blogger, server, front-desk person, bartender, salaried employee… fuckinnn’ pretty much anyone, this is a sizable hit.

On the other hand, no matter how much it sucks, getting your garage door vandalized is a small cost in paints and supplies and about 20 minutes of your time (trust, my garage door gets vandalized–not that I have to clean it up or anything, that’s why I have a landlord).

I’m not saying I agree with people vandalizing homes (also, I think I spend a fair amount of time criticizing “bad” graffiti (see: murals)), I’m just amused by people who lose their shit and get all name-cally over this.

You mean the same yuppie shithead gentrifying tech freelancer that created the means for this blog and this comment board? Or the computer you use? Or the instagram app you use? Or all those social media links that are listed up top so people can innocently stumble upon this shitty blog? How are they different than yuppie shithead gentrifying trust fund douche bags who ride around in decadent $5000 bikes and then bitch about other people that actually work for their money?

In 2007 and 2008 Kees Keizer and colleagues from the University of Groningen conducted a series of controlled experiments to determine if the effect of existing disorder (such as litter or graffiti) increased the incidence of additional crime like stealing, littering or conducting other acts of antisocial behavior. They selected several urban locations which they then arranged in two different ways, at different times. In one condition—the control—the place was maintained orderly. It was kept free from graffiti, broken windows, etc. In the other condition—the experiment—exactly the same environment was arranged in a way where it looked like nobody monitored it and cared about it: windows were broken, graffiti were placed on the walls, among other things. The researchers then secretly monitored the locations to observe if people behaved differently when the environment was disordered. The results supported the theory. Their conclusion, published in the journal Science, was that:

One example of disorder, like graffiti or littering, can indeed encourage another, like stealing.[7][8]


Why post a link you obviously didn’t read? The “broken windows” theory didn’t hold much water, as the link you posted explains.

I did read the article. You should, too. Of course there’s going to be detractors, but having lived in NYC during the 70s & 80s, I’ve seen it make a change. Was it the only factor in the boroughs turning around? No. But I think it had a positive effect.

Couple more for you:



In that case, you should be well aware of the fact that there’s no way to differentiate between cause and effect with the “broken window hypothesis.” There’s a reason it’s no longer taken seriously.

i absolutely love reading this blog and seeing that, without fail, eric has to have the last word when questioned/called-out/debated/etc. it’s actually quite fascinating.

“eric has to have the last word…”

Right, it’s my fault when you don’t chose to reply to my comments. Good call there smart guy.

fabulous, just fabulous that you went and proved my point. you sir, are a complete and total ‘smart guy.’

Eric is right in this case, however.

Okay, let’s compare. you said:

A bike is usually a sizable financial investment for a person,

You lose, a house in San Francisco is a more of sizable financial investment, .

often a person’s primary mode of a transportation,

You win . except in big earthquakes, a house is a really lousy mode of transportation.

and can carry a priceless sentimental value (see people who build their own bikes up).

Tie. People are emotionally attached to how their homes look, likewise see people who fix them up.

yuppie shithead gentrifying tech freelancer asshole making a $100/hour,

Definitely, you win. There is conclusive proof that anyone owning a home in San Francisco is way worse on that scale than tech assholes

Frequency. bikes stolen twice in 3yrs. House graffitied, 8 times in three years.

this is simple: find kevin’s bike. vandalize it. maybe steal the seat (since you can replace a saddle for $20, that’s OK to do by his standards). maybe mar the frame in such a way that it needs to be repainted. alternate between the few a few times every year, since there’s no hassle in having to deal with petty repairs every week or two.

The investment of replacing a bike is much more sizable than a couple of brush-strokes.

If somebody defaces your property every week and you need to repaint it every weekend or face fines; I think the psychological cost is higher.

If you’re stupid enough to lock your bike improperly and it gets stolen, that’s your tax for being an idiot.

I seriously doubt that the sign on his garage was his response to the first tag he got… he probably has gotten tagged multiple times, resulting in small cost in paints and supplies and about 20 minutes of his time multiple times. Probably enough times to be frustrating/angry.

Just maybe.

Obviously you’ve never painted a house before. It takes a lot more than 20 minutes. And if you have to do it ever week, well, it gets annoying.

Based on the sign, it seems like it’s the garage door is whats getting hit… which may “only” take 20 minutes or less to cover up. But if you have to do it four, six, ten, twenty, a hundred times, well I might get annoyed too.

But there’s much more constructive solutions to the problem than writing an obnoxious note about it that will most certainly just encourage more tagging.

For example: the house down the block from me had new graffiti on the garage door every day. Just covered. The owner was painting the doors constantly, probably once a week. Dude was sincerely bummed about it. But instead of taping a tantrum to his door, he collaborated with a number of local artists and had them paint a series of beautiful murals on his doors. That was 2 years ago and I’ve never once seen him go back out there with a can of paint since.

This is the art mob protection racket, in a nutshell.

I made no judgements about the garage door owners actions.

But since you brought it up… I kinda have an issue with someone basically being coerced into having to have “beautiful murals”, like the guy in your example. A guy should be able to have a plain brown garage door, if that’s what he wants.

But that’s just my opinion, man.

Regardless of how stupid I think graffiti is, I think anyone who misspells a word on a passive-aggressive note deserves to be made fun of on The Information Super Highway.

But maybe his garage door really is a dam. In which case, I’d recommend not opening it.

Dear Rich Stanford Grads, Food Truck losers and Burners: My brain and the town it lives in are not a canvas for your unwanted crap ANYTHING. Its useless and doesn’t make this place any better. Take your crap somewhere else or I will crap on your doorstep.

Sincerely, your readers.

Listen, I’m a regular, normal, disenfranchised youth, marginalized and alienated by consumer society. I’m just trying to have a voice, trying to Make my Mark on Society, and doing it where it’s not wanted….not wanted like me. I will never stop, allah akbar, so long as it gets this kind of attention. The attention my parents never gave me, so sod off or move to a gated community where you can better pretend I don’t exist, and find some other, equally trivial thing to bitch to the HOA to, like the hue of your neighbor’s house paint. It’s all temporary.

You are basically profiting off someone’s bad day. You think its okay to make fun of this dude because essentially ‘its not that expensive to repaint the garage.’ Give me a break.

For what it’s worth, this site is a hobby–have never made a dime from it.

Also, I’m making fun of the dude because he’s an idiot.

Thanks for reading!

ah, so i guess it follows that folks can make fun of you, kevmo. you’ve got the whole idiot thing nailed down.

Hey Kevbrotard,

Which post was about you? you should link to it. I’d love to know what’s got you showing up everyday to deliver your sub-mediocre insults daily.

Someone needs to start graffitiing that note all over town. That’d be tizzy izzy tight!


Punishment is absolute. Punishment is necessary. Punishment is good.

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