Ninja Turtles Set to do Battle With Their Fiercest Opponent Yet: Danny Developer

Cowabunga, dudes! Clarion Alley is the stage for the Ninja Turtles' most wicked showdown yet! Now that Raphael and the boys are done battling the likes of Shredder, and Krang, the Heroes in a Half Shell have their sights set of their gnarliest, fiercest, most well-funded opponent yet: Danny Developer and his spooky tongue of gentrification! Hellacious!

Raphael sure does have his work cut out for him.  Danny Developer has already been hard at work, spawning a network of condos, ice cream, and “another botique” that Raphael will slowly have to chip away at with his twin sai.  And you know how much the Turtles hate ice cream…

Turtle power!

[Mural Photo by MrEricSir | DP Ice Cream by Playin Jayne]

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damn,thats an old picture„,Macaframa Jason C still is missing his front tooth in that picture. heck,this pic is before he was sponsored and even before he won the red bull ride and style event….08?09?

that tie looks like a neckdick