New Trend in Street Food: Serving Bánh Mì From a Hotel Maid Cart

I can't lie; I've never seen a certifiable Sketchy Motherfucker serving $3 sandwiches from a device used to haul around trash and “fluid”-stained sheets that I've been so inclined to trust with my nourishment and long-term health.  I mean, he really seems like he understands the whole essence of street food, no?

(Also, he's offering up five dollar non-Freudian psychotherapy sessions right from the grill, should you be feeling a little down while waiting to eat.)

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And CBCW James can’t sell a few brews……sheeeeeit

“Sometimes a sandwich is just a sandwich”- of course, that’s just me paraphrasing Freud as I haven’t a food cart nor am I a street food vending psychotherapist

I ate here, it sucked. Pork was all fat and no meat, bread was totally stale. Sketchy looks sketchy for a reason sometimes.