Map of San Francisco's Underwater Future

There's some kooky theory that “global warming” is going to cause the ice caps to melt and the sea level to rise—real out there shit.  And if you buy into that climate alarmist conspiracy, then Burrito Justice has a new map of San Francisco just for you:

He's even selling posters of these very maps (for cheap!) that you can hang up inside your oceanside villa on the outskirts of Cape Dolores. [Burrito Justice]

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So the thing about the polar ice caps melting… Ya know how when ice cubes melt in your glas the water level actually goes down… because they were displacing more water as solids than liquids…. I think we should take a look at how SF will expand. I mean I’m all for global warming. gooooo global warming. Good stuff.

Not quite. There is a lot of ice *on land* in greenland and antarctica that would be added to the total water.

I’ve got an idea. Just get all 7 billion people to drink twice as much water. That should solve it.

Hey Jamzis,

Has it occurred to you that the ice in Greenland, Antarctica, the glaciers etc - is NOT currently sitting in the ocean? It’s UP on top of continents, is melting fast, running downhill and spilling over our glass ( the oceans).



Jamzis, you’re 100% wrong.

Ice floating in water displaces it’s weight in volume. When that ice melts, it still displaces it’s weight in volume. The water level remains unchanged.

Peter is right however: when snow or ice sitting on land melts, most of that water ends up in the ocean and raises the average sea level.

Jamzis…are you kidding me? Did you use your brain for 10 seconds before you posted? Ice cubes float because they are LESS DENSE than water- they take up more room. How much ice sticks out of water? THE EXACT DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO.

In simple terms, since you’re obviously very far from the sharpest tool in the shed, if you have a glass filled with water and ice (floating on top), and it is filled up to the tippy top where one single drop of water more will cause the glass to spill…let the ice melt, and the water level will stay EXACTLY THE SAME.

So no, the water level does NOT ‘go down’, you trained ape.

Furthermore, that whole idea has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with climate change. The polar ice caps are not just ‘ice cubes floating in water’. There is a HUGE amount of land there, and much of the ice is suspended either above or below the water by forces besides buoyancy. Good gods, how did you even learn to use the internet?

Jesus H Christ do you take your self seriously cunt bag. You’re due for your four barrel cup o jizz.

You know guys, maybe we should take a second look at his initial theory of displacement. Clearly an insightful kid here.

Coming this late into the conversation and still not picking up on the fact that it was a troll comment that hooked a bunch of thick skulled “Geniuses” I’d so you’ve got the market cornered on insight Captain Planet.

So we are going to have more fresh water, and more heat available to us…It seems that industry has solved both our energy ‘crisis’ and water issues.. THANKS GLOBAL WARMING!


Also Captain quick-to-be-right-and-shame-the-trained-apes, my comment has republican sentimental irony written all over it. How you could possibly mistake that for someone actually making an argument, well it speaks to fart smelling can’t wait to condescend, god how great it is to be right about everything and polarize the world douchebaggery. I hope you felt like a genius while you wrote your miraculous diatribe. But the fact is, you have YET to learn how the internet works. See ya on the corner of 18th and castro and NO I would not like to donate to green peace.

I don’t get it… you spend the entire thread trolling, and then you’re upset that you were successful?

Pick a strategy and stick with it please.

Not upset. Satisfied. I just cant resist a good “hey ass clown”. Really, the fact is, short of changing my avatar to Rick Perry I didn’t think I could be more obviously ironic in my original statement. So it was an unintended but wildly successful bait.

I know a guy named ethan who is an asshole too!

Everyone in this comments section go eat a fucking dick. Except me.

You seriously need a new hobby if you troll around internet comments looking for rises out of people, by exercising your “right” to be a troll, and polarizing it’s privileges to justify your douchebaggery.

No, this hobby is just fine. Trolololololololololol. You should suck my dick, not because of any moral high ground that I stand on, but just because you should suck my dick.

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Cocksuckers gotta have standards.

Hey guys, back to the original point, 200 feet of SLR (sea-level rise) is way outside any of the projections for the next several hundred years (by which point let’s hope SF has migrated to space, anyhow).

The IPCC’s latest projection for total sea level rise for 2100 was 38-59 cm (14-23 inches). The high end is for unmitigated climate change.

Studies in the last few years have updated this result (with much better handling of the Greenland ice sheet) to a central estimate of 1m by 2100, with a theoretical maximum (based on archeological records of historic sea level rise) of 2m.

Even if the West Antarctic ice sheet collapses (which is unlikely, but not thoroughly understood), that would contribute an estimated 5m.

TL;DR: 200 feet is silly and won’t happen. But mass species die-offs, ocean acidification, crop failures, disease spreading, more powerful storms and coastal flooding, not to mention far more frequent and hotter heat waves all will. Plus, in places like Bangladesh, 1m of sea level rise is enough to displace millions of people.

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