Xiu Xiu Playing Bottom of the Hill Tonight!

The last time I saw Xiu Xiu was something like eight years ago in what seemed like a senior center auditorium in the middle of Cambridge.  While half the audience scoured the place for the assumed residents' cache of painkillers, Jamie and one of his revolving cast of bandmates wooed over the crowd over what had to be the worst PA system of all time.  A grand time was had by all and after the show we all went out for malt shakes and new walkers.

But that was something like eight years ago.  Since then, Xiu Xiu has gone through even more members, and now we have songs like “I Luv Abortion” to deal with.  And I don't exactly think they're making a habit of playing shitty auditoriums with rattling windows anymore, but that's probably not a bad thing.  So should you want to see one of the only good things to come out of San Jose in 15 years in one of the city's more beloved venues, head over to Bottom of the Hill tonight.

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woah, i was at that cambridge show, too!

and he was great last night.

I was listening to this 20 years ago when they were called Ween. Pretty awesome, though