Occupy Calls Off Golden Gate Bridge May Day Protest, Forgets To Tell SFPD

“Whut u thinkin bout?”  “lol nothing, just bridge stuff.”
Pic via @ghostpickles

As if traffic wasn't already bad enough with people being minorly freaked out by the new Doyle Drive on-ramp this week, the Golden Gate Bridge was backed up to the gills this morning with drivers rubber necking the hell out of a massive 120+ strong SFPD presence, who were protecting the bridge and tunnel folks mainline commute from the likes of two (yes, 2 of them!) friendly looking Larkspur Ferry Boat teamsters wearing tweed suit jackets and brandishing picket signs. 

It seems that nobody remembered to inform the SFPD that Occupy had canceled their planned May Day protest of the bridge. Instead, the only people who showed up to practice some very civilly obedient protesting were a pair of Larkspur Golden Gate Ferry employees, who were on strike this morning, adding even more cars to the Marin - SF commute traffic jam. While most of the riot helmet and zip-tie carrying officers were concentrated on the Presidio side of the bridge, there were upwards of a hundred of them spaced out strategically every few hundred feet on both sides of the bridge, in groups of two to ten. 

No, seriously. It was just these two gentlemen vs 120+ riot cops. 
Pic via @hobostew

Instead of guarding against a protest that would have derailed the morning traffic flow, the SFPD (PS: why is the SFPD alone responsible for barricading the bridge to 'protect' Marin County from Occupy's 'vandals and hooligans'? Can't they send a few cops and deputies of their own?) and their unnecessary paramilitary presence on the Golden Gate Bridge only served to further fuck traffic up the ass. People tend to slow down and look when there's an invading army just 'hanging out' and “paTROLLING” on their commute route with no visible reason for them to be there.

On the up side, I think it's safe say that no one will be committing suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge today.

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clearly you weren’t here for the 2 years immediately following 9/11, when the national guard were there every day all along the bridge, mad-dogging pedestrians and vehicles, while holding AK-47s, rifles, etc.


just doing their part to indoctrinate the sheeple into becoming docile under the watchful eye of big brother and the big boot of the police-state gulag!

it’s later than you think.

So 120 cops to protect Marin commuters, but the Mission’s small businesses have to fend for themselves?