Mission Local Explores the World of Dating Techies

Mission Local has a really super interesting piece on what it's like to date a techie:

They were so busy working and learning that anything interesting about me was very interesting for them,” Mary says, reflecting on her experiences while I immerse my fries in ketchup. “They were easy to impress. One was even very impressed by my nose piercing, which is not very impressive at all.” Sweet. That’s hilarious. I cough, spit out some food and ask her to continue. […]

I dated one,” Carla says. “It didn’t work. I felt that at a personal level, we were very different. I’m an artist and I had the feeling I couldn’t really connect with him or his friends. Their lifestyle was not very alternative, and they were scared about having deep conversations.” […]

They’re stable, they have money … Maybe we could take a trip to Sonoma County on the weekend. That sounds nice,” baker Ashley Chapman says with a big, sweet smile. […]

They have a lot of money and are very stingy all the same. They think that what they’re doing is the most important thing in the world. They schedule girlfriends the way they would schedule meetings.” She defines them as “socially awkward,” a term she is not the only one to use.

At the same coffee shop, Rachel Aoanan says that one friend describes himself the same way. “He projects an authoritarian personality at work, but he’s cool, interesting and smart when you get to know him,” she says.

I did learn a lot from this article, like techies must be heterosexual men.  And they have money.  Lots of money.  But sometimes they don't spend that money, except for when they do.  And they are social awkward and reclusive, except for when they aren't.  Did I mention they have money?

Read on for additional interviews and thoughts, including the opinions of three girls who are techies on why girls are interested in their male coworkers.

[Photo by Mission Local | Thanks Eugenia!]

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