"It happens on Valencia and it's a tragedy; It happens on Chestnut and it's a comedy"

My buddy Dave (who lives in some nebulous and distant land that isn't the Mission) makes a pretty good point: the rampant destruction of one neighborhood is a national tragedy (and it is), whereas the hypothetical and sometimes real destruction of the Axe-scented streets 3 miles to our north is hilarious.

Jägerbombs for thought…

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“national tragedy”? Really?

i dont really understand the point of this post? is it supposed to be hating on the marina (again?) i live in the marina, chestnut street is my favorite place in SF….and honestly its not that bad as everyone makes it out to be i dont know how it gets this exaggerated reputation of what it is actually like. i wish this whole marina v. mission would just end already……i think both neighborhoods are great.

Well we have some pretty amazing Mexican here in the Marina that you can’t get in the Mission. It’s called tacolicious bro cause it fuckin is….its Mexican without the Mexicans pretty fuckin cool, right? It’s 100% Marina!!!