Until Your Dog Learns How to Ride a Bike, This Timbuk2 Messenger Pack is For You

Do you have a bike? And a dog?  And a pair of black socks and blue glasses and no history of back pain?  Then Timbuk2's absolutely 100% totally real new Clifford bag is for you:

Dogs don't *really* like to walk, particularly big ones. Do your pooch a favor and put him in your pack. The Clifford Canine Carrier was designed with big dogs in mind. Its waterproof TPU liner and tether with clip ensure that all the business stays inside while you romp around outside. Core strength, balance, and non-hostile relationship with your dog are recommended for optimal use.

And here it is in action:

Only 120 bucks!

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This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. A dog backpack - for god’s sake, dogs were domesticated to be our helpers and have been walking for millenia with humans and now we put them in a damned backpack. The human race is doomed.

Next thing you know we’ll be picking up their poop…

Way to recycle an April fool’s joke

i feel this is a unique way to bring your dog around to places to meet other dogs if you do not have a car. i’m looking to modify an old backpack to something like this. that way i can bring my dog everywhere i want to bring on my bike and save on the taxi fare.