Things SF and NYC Have in Common: Hating LA

I'm in NYC for a quick spell (in Williamsburg, of course—obviously) and I'm finding that the two dueling cool cultural capitals of their respective coasts have a lot more in common than they might expect.  Like hating LA.  Sure, everyone from NYC and SF might poke fun at each other, but goddamnit, we all hate LA more.  It's smoggy and car-centric and gross and people invest money in sizing up their boobs and jesusfuckingchrist their weather is perfect—who does LA think it is?

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she, had to leave
los angeles
all her toys wore out in black and her boys had too
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every mexican that gave her lotta shit
every homosexual and the idle rich
idle rich
she had to get out, get out
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-I love LA

Fuck LA. And keep your stupid ass blue hats out the park….Go Giants!

I do indeed hate L.A. But then, I hate California in general and SoCal in particular.
I don’t even like the weather. I used to live in San Diego. The weather was monotonous, and everything was covered in a thin layer of filth, due–I suspect in equal parts–from the dirty air and infrequent rain. A Pox on California I say.

Now, Portland, OR… There’s a place with perfect weather.