SF Examiner owners buy SF Bay Guardian

We’ve all heard the news by now: the new folks behind the SF Examiner have now taken over the SF Bay Guardian as well.  What does this mean for the two newspapers?  It’s all speculation at this point, but my crystal ball predicts a merger between the two.

Here’s what I predict we can expect from the combined paper, the San Francisco Examinerdian:

Any other predictions how the Examiner/Bay Guardian deal will work out?  Speculate away.

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why would they combine a weekly and a daily?

but say goodbye to any left-leaning, DIY or radical articles in the Guardian. The Examiner is one of the most right wing publications in california

Recycled christmas trees? clever.

Christ, this is terrible news. The SFBG is the only media source in this town that I actually feel that I can more or less trust. *sigh*

The deal will mean more locations to pick up birdcage liner.

I just wanted to say that this collage is a work of genius.