New Dolores Park Playground Rules Down on Adults

Are the police really going to start enforcing the situationally inappropriate “adults must be accompanied by a child” rule in Dolores Park?  They better not because they'll have to pry the monkey bars from my cold, dead hands.

[Photo by Avian Blogger P.D. Bird]

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Our bigger concern is the “no-mow” ornamental grass. I was told directly that it is being used to make large parts of the park “off limits”.If you go to the park and look at the grass and see for yourself,it is not ment to be walked on,dogged on or any other activities we enjoy in the park now…

I asked the grounds crew… also,take time to go look at the “no-mow” grass. there is a picture of it on our site. And no,im not a grass whisperer,more like a parrot whisperer. cheers

the grounds crew told us that it is not supposed to be walked on,dogged on ect…

The no-adults rule is BS, and I encourage everyone to practice civil disobedience by visiting the playground any time they’re at the park! But as for the ornamental grass, don’t worry. I’ve been to plenty of other parks that have that kind of grass. It may not be “intended” to be sat on, but you certainly can sit on it. It might be a little lumpy, but it’s not that big of a deal. And not having to mow helps discourage erosion, which is a good thing.

I don’t have any photo evidence, but I’m pretty sure “Must be accompanied by a child” predates the renovation.

every time I’ve seen that “no mow” grass, I’ve seen kids rolling down the hill on it.

Pretty sure when you’re going down the slide at 1am after a round of drinking, there won’t be any parents in the park to file a complaint.

No dogs, but I think your bird is OK.

if youve ever been to a playground in the hood, you know these signs are for a reason