Comedy Bodega to Provide You With an Excuse to Finally Check Out Esta Noche

I know the 'flyer' is a bit small, but stay with me on this one.

Unbeknownst to me, there has been a comedy night going down at 16th Street Latino gay bar/occassional shitty Uptown Almanac punchline Esta Noche for the past few months.  Here're the details:

Come to Comedy Bodega for the freshest laughs in the Mission all FREE! Every Thursday at 8pm. You don’t have to be a bisexual mariachi hipster to get in the door. Everyone is welcome at ESTA NOCHE the only Latino gay club in San Francisco. All shows in English.

Free comedy and I don't have to dress up like a mariachi?  There.

Anyway, I can vouch for Lydia and Kaseem being really fucking funny.  I'm not sure who the other two people are, but I'm sure they're funny too.  You should go.

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Thanks for the love KevMo it is indeed a super fun place for comedy. The show Thursday had a slight lineup change - Kaseem will not be there. Allison Stevenson an Jenn Dronsky will be performing in his stead. Once again proving that it takes two women to the job of one man. Which begs the question, when will we grow as a society?

Wait..whut? Sorry. Just come on Thursday it will be good times. Also free chicken wings. Frrrreals.

Also I’m performing with Moshe Kasher tonight in Oakland at Vitus. Come!

that was weird..

Thanks for the shout out it helps a bunch.. We are in our 4th month with no advertising budget. Free chicken wings can only get you so far. The comics have been strong and the audience cute, straight and gay who can tell anymore unless you meet them in the bathroom. JK. The toilet is locked.
Here’s who’s coming up

April 26, 2012 8pm  Karen Williams, Marga Gomez, Lisa Geduldig, Gary Anderson, Robbie Rob
May 3, 2012 8pm: Kurt Weitzmann, Miss Persia, Marga Gomez, Milo Klein, Dash Kwiatkowski
May 10, 2012 8pm: Ronn Vigh, Rajeev Dar, Riah Gouvea, Susan Malleta, Marga Gomez
May 17th 2012 8pm: Shanti Charan, Jesse Fernandez, Chris Thayer, Kelly Anneken, Paco Romane, Molly Sokhom
May 24 2012 8pm: Priya Prasad, Cassandra Gorges, Josef Anolin, Colleen Watson, Greg Asdourian
May 31, 3012 8pm: Dhaya Lakshminarayanan, Shawn Robbins, Simone Campbell, Marga Gomez
June/July TBA