Intrepid Food Blogger Aspires To Eat At Pizza Hut

Glorious Bernal Pizza Hut pic from Yelp. Thanks, Kevin Y!

Newbie food blogger Dave MP only arrived in San Francisco a few weeks ago and has already taken on the ambitious task of eating at every single restaurant in his new neighborhood, La Lengua. 

Since I like exploring food options in my neighborhood, I've decided to embark on a little project – eat at every restaurant on Mission Street between Cortland and Cesar Chavez. I finally got around to making a list of all the places I have to try, and will be reporting on all of them. The aim is to have this completed by December 31st, 2012.

There are a lot of delicious and pretty unusual cuisines located on that stretch of Mission between Cortland and Cesar Chavez, so it seems weird that Pizza Hut and Burger King made it onto his must-try list. Props to him for creating a comprehensive list, but seriously, you're living in the neighborhood that boasts SF's only Indian pizza restaurant, and the city's only Cambodian place. Take Pizza Hut off the list and make an extra trip to El Zocalo or something, would ya?

You can keep track of his progress as he reviews every restaurant on the Chowhound discussion boards under the title La Lengua Chronicles. Good luck, dude! Don't forget the Pepto!


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“Props to him for creating a comprehensive list, but seriously, you’re living in the neighborhood that boasts SF’s only Indian pizza restaurant…”

The Outer Sunset would like a word with you.

Just what the city needs, another food blogger. I only hope they’re also a dj and graphic designer.