New Taxi Bumper Stickers Promoting the Right to Block Bike Lanes Adds Insult to Impending Injury

“If you can read this, I'm blocking the bike line and fuck you.”

When taxis aren't busy charging people $15 to go eight blocks and never picking you up when you want them, they're doing their best to kill every cyclist in town.  Thanks to SFMTA's four-month-old decree legalizing the obnoxious practice, cabs are now blessed with the God-given right to park their vehicles in the bike lane, forcing bikers into the middle of traffic and to scream out no-no words at two ton boxes of metal on the way to work.  And to make matters worse? SFMTA and Yellow Cab are slapping bumper stickers on cabs, reminding us all that “this vehicle authorized to enter the bike lane” and no one gives a fuck about rudimentary English anymore.

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hipsters on bikes OR people who are disabled and need access to the curb (i.e., in a wheelchair).

you are one heartless bastard if you pick the former over the latter.

Are bicycle taxis allowed in the bike lane?

Every time a bike hits a cab door a tree dies… laughing.

For a group of people prone to posturing with a tough demeanor, SF cyclists whine a ton.

I haven’t owned a car in over a decade. I walk everywhere. I’ve been doored and hit by several cars while riding my bike in the bike lane, but I also believe that in a congested urban area, sometimes vehicles need to pull over to do things like make deliveries or not leave passengers in the middle of the street. Get over yourself dude. Cabbies are just trying to get by like everyone else and the self-righteous entitled bullshit doesn’t make anyone’s lives any easier.

Um… did you ever stop to consider WHY these cabs can enter into the bike lane? Because they are transporting wheelchair users and/or other folks with mobility disabilities. I am sorry that your fixie riding ableist whiny ass has a problem with this. I’d really encourage you to think beyond the two narrow lines of your bike lane. And also, there’s a shortage of wheelchair accessible cabs in the city which which means that wheelchair users often have to wait for hours for a cab. So think of that next time you’re running a traffic light or stop sign on your bike.

there’s an image of a dude with a cane on the bumpersticker. i think its pretty fair for a cab to be able to enter a bike lane and drop off/pick up disabled people. maybe if more cyclists in SF actually obeyed traffic laws then i would feel a little more sympathetic. i can’t count the number of times i’ve nearly run over a cyclist in the mission because he/she decided it was ok to run a red light or a stop sign.

On my short 1.5 mile commute, there is an average of 3-6 cabs parked in a bike lane.  

I am not bullshitting about this.