Kreayshawn Now Making Animated GIFs About Your Favorite Mission Thrift Stores

The sun is really setting on what once looked to be a really promising career as a drug dealing Lady Gaga.  In the span of 9 months, Kreayshawn has gone from Oakland to international celebrity to doing banner ads for thrift stores online.  She's basically the hipster Mr. T, only her rise and fall got condensed down to satisfy the attention span of the internet.


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i agree that girls should just stick to what they’re supposed to do.

Whoa…. WHOA. did you just compare fucking Kreayshawn to MR. GODDAMN T!? That is so wrong I don’t know where to start.

MR. T is a legitimate fucking badass and bona fide pop culture phenomenon. Kreayshawn is a poorly-rapping hipster.

“I believe in the Golden Rule. The man with the gold… rules.” - Mr. T

she was way cooler when she was just a nobody on the hundreds meow blog :-/

oh fuck., did i just say she was once cool.


She made the thrift town video years ago.

Kreayshawna Del Ray!!!

A no talent hack that wishes she was black.

Can Berkeley High dropouts please stop trying to be rappers? It is getting old.