Mission Yuppie Eradication Project

This showed up when I was facebooking one time.

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I remember that when Foreign Cinema opened. They used to give diners those remote buzzers to let them know when a table was ready and send them over to Doc’s Clock. If a bartender saw your buzzer they’d refuse to serve and kick you out.

Oh man. Yet another reason to love Doc’s Clock!

I remember when most times you walked by Doc’s Clock there was some poor Latino dude laying on the sidewalk with blood coming out of his head. That was a scary ass place, pre-gentrification.

well since this note is not written in Spanish, my guess is we got us one set of newbies getting mad at a second set of newbies

I want to post one right under it, in Spanish, declaring war on hispters and fixies, just for the comedy…

“Declaring war on hipsters and fixies” is so 2010 - just saying. I hated track bikes before everyone started jumping on that fad.

That the Yuppie Eradication Project was an interesting era, though I gotta agree that it was reaction by 1st wave ‘gentry’ against later waves of better off ‘gentry’ - In the larger sense though wasn’t the Mission first a Polish neighborhood, then Irish, then Spanish speaking? Should the note be in Polish and Gallic as well as Spanish? Ultimately I suppose it would have to be in 16th Century Spanish again and finally Ohlone (is there a written Ohlone?) before we get back to solid claim of being authentic ‘Missionite’?

ha ha, you so funny! the sign depicted at the top of this post is directly ripped from an identical (by memory) whine from 10 years ago (the first dotcom boom), and i don’t mean just the attitude, but the actual text.

i’m guessing some mission twentysomething had a one-nighter with an oldster who had it on their fridge.

Me too!

Where is this posted? Would love to post a notice in Spanish, one in Polish, and one in Gaelic underneath it.

The Irish were in the Mission before the current crop of Mexican and El Salvadorean immigrants. I would like to see one in Gaelic.

Plus, you politely decided not to mention that the Irish generously gave Spanish names to some of the main streets of the Mission; certainly a kindness on their part.

think this guy is a bit out of touch with the yuppie cars–seems like its more bmws and audis now.

relatedly, i’d like to start a fund to buy free drinks for homeless folks at all the new (and old) marina bars popping up in the mission. tacolicious. medjool. dr teeth. ugh…

Yeah, this is from the first dot-com boom. I know the guy who put these up – way back then.

What happened to that guy anyway? I remember when those went up too, my SUV used to get vandalized (I used it to deliver cakes for my dad’s bakery).

What’s funny is how many of the Angry 20-Somethings of that time now work for Apple.

Yep, you can tell its old because it mentions the Slanted Door which has been gone from Valencia for what, 15 years?

It was a white guy, right?

Guess all that yuppie money wasn’t enough to save Ti Couz or keep Slanted Door in the Mission.

Slanted Door wanted to expand but ran into problems with neighbors and zoning, so he moved to the Ferry Building and the Westfield. Charles Phan (the owner) is now using the Valencia location for his new restaurant, “Wo Hing General Store.” No idea what happened to Ti Couz.

It reads like parody now.

a quaint artifact from dot bomb one. Didn’t work out so well for ‘em though.

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