Mission Yuppie Eradication Project

This showed up when I was facebooking one time.

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I remember that when Foreign Cinema opened. They used to give diners those remote buzzers to let them know when a table was ready and send them over to Doc’s Clock. If a bartender saw your buzzer they’d refuse to serve and kick you out.

well since this note is not written in Spanish, my guess is we got us one set of newbies getting mad at a second set of newbies

I want to post one right under it, in Spanish, declaring war on hispters and fixies, just for the comedy…

think this guy is a bit out of touch with the yuppie cars–seems like its more bmws and audis now.

relatedly, i’d like to start a fund to buy free drinks for homeless folks at all the new (and old) marina bars popping up in the mission. tacolicious. medjool. dr teeth. ugh…

Yeah, this is from the first dot-com boom. I know the guy who put these up – way back then.

Guess all that yuppie money wasn’t enough to save Ti Couz or keep Slanted Door in the Mission.

a quaint artifact from dot bomb one. Didn’t work out so well for ‘em though.